No No Hair Removal

Anyone who has done their research on at home permanent hair removal has heard of the No No hair removal system. I first saw a No No infomercial on TV when I couldn’t sleep one night and that is what initially turned me on to the idea of laser hair removal at home. It sounded like a miracle and I made my very first and very last TV purchase that night. I was so excited about receiving my No No which probably also made my frustration about it not working that much worse.

I am a very patient person and gave it a real try. I knew I couldn’t expect to see results after just one or two sessions. But after using the No No for almost five months with no results, I just had to conclude that it wasn’t working for me. Not only did I not really see results, which is reason enough not to deal with the No No, it uses thermicon technology which essentially burns the hair off. Personally the smell of burning hair was quite the turn off. Not only that, but because it used heat you can’t use it on your face.

After I those 5 months with no success I finally started doing my research (wrong order by the way!). I started reading other NoNo hair removal reviews and realized I was not the only one feeling duped.

But I can’t say that the money I spent on my NoNo was a total loss, because it ended up leading me to the Silk’n Flash & Go. I read so many reviews on other hair removal strategies, but the Flash and Go seemed to have the best overall reviews. It uses laser treatment as opposed to the heat used by the NoNo which allows you to use it on your face AND NO burnt hair smell! The Flash n Go is also much easier to use. You just point and shoot instead of having to keep the steady pace required for the NoNo as you move it across your skin, which is especially difficult to do in smaller areas like under your arms.

I am definitely much more happy with my Silk n Flash and Go, easier, no burnt hair smell, REAL results and the 30 day money back guarantee made me feel so comfortable with my purchase.

Silk’n Flash and Go Review

I have tried almost every hair removal option out there. I started with shaving, which is a full time job itself, leaves razor burn, ingrown hairs and I would have to shave every single day. So then I moved on to the creams Nair and Veet. These were only slightly better than shaving, but the smell was so bad that I hated using them. That’s when my mission to find a permanent hair removal system began. I started investing a lot of money into waxing, and even though each session wasn’t that bad it really started adding up. Not to mention how badly it hurts. A friend suggested laser hair removal, but that was just way too expensive and I feared how much it would hurt.
I started googleing at home laser hair removal systems and came across some different options. Before I invested in one of these machines I had to read every review I could find, specifically all the Flash and Go reviews. I always make sure that I know what I’m getting. After reading all the information out there and trying it myself, I can now save you all that time and let you know that the Silk’n Flash & Go is a real winner! Not only did it have so many raving reviews, the few that were not so good only reflected on that person’s inability to use the machine. They hoped that after one session their hair would be gone, and that’s just not the case. It takes a couple of sessions spread over a number of weeks, but if you shave as often as I do that is NOTHING in comparison.
Not only is it a huge time saver, but it starts to PERMANENTLY remove your hair! Unlike shaving where you begin to see that shadow right away, after using Flash and Go your hair takes a way longer time to grow in and comes back much thinner. And every time you use the Flash&Go it takes longer and longer for the hair to grow back and every time less and less hair grows back. I can’t explain how much this has changed my life!
It’s a bit of an investment at first, but now I am saving money overall. No more waxing appointments, no more buying new razors and shaving cream regularly, and most important no more being self conscious about hair in unwanted places! I don’t need to worry about what I’m wearing if it will reveal my legs or underarms, I feel like I have my entire wardrobe again! Seriously, as corny as it sounds Silk’n Flash & Go has improved my life and I couldn’t recommend it more!

Silk’n Flash and Go Reviews

Flash&Go is an FDA-cleared home-use device for obtaining permanent hair removal from the face and body. What it does: Designed for use by both men and women, the Flash&Go is an FDA-cleared home-use device for obtaining permanent hair removal results. Flash&Go uses highly sophisticated Home Pulsed LightTM (HPL) technology to safely and effectively provide proven long-term hair removal results. The Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology in the device has been designed to capture all the clinical benefits of pulsed light for hair removal at home. A unique skin color sensor is built into the Flash&Go to measure the treated skin complexion at the beginning of each session and occasionally during the session.